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The demand for robust Information and Cyber Security Programs has never been greater. New breaches, ransomware, and cyber-attacks are reported daily as overworked IT and security teams work to balance technology, security needs, compliance requirements, and business goals.

Without a cross-functional team approach, balancing security requirements with business stakeholders actively compounds a company IT risk profile and architecture due to not fully understanding the alignment of activities across the company.

According to Gartner, “Vulnerability Management programs ultimately depend on the people involved and the associated processes to make them successful. In conversations with Gartner clients, the core concern isn’t implementing and running the vulnerability assessment technologies. Engaging the appropriate stakeholders and having agreed-on policies and procedures are the real issues.”

Specialized Security Services, Inc. (S3 Security), understands this. That’s why S3 Security has been collaborating with our clients to establish and maintain effective Vulnerability Steering Committees that bridge the gap between cyber security risks, compliance, and unique business goals.

Our security experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to evaluate and track the various components of clients’ security programs, while also anticipating future requirements and coordinating relevant stakeholders.

The complimentary report from Gartner provides insights such as:
  • “Effective vulnerability management requires a cross-functional team approach, but many security operations teams are unable to consistently engage stakeholders in a coordinated fashion. Security operations, IT and other business units often fail to break out of their silos and work together to move VM activities beyond basic vulnerability assessment and patching.
  • Organizations that lack a formal governance model, including a dedicated steering group, typically struggle to implement or move their VM programs toward a mature, risk-based approach to protecting their businesses.
  • The IT organization is generally responsible for the availability of systems and applications as the key deliverables to the business. Security operations teams need to keep those assets and applications safe and secure. Balancing these often-conflicting goals can create tension.”
Gartner, Use a Steering Group to Drive Vulnerability Management, Shilpi Handa, Craig Lawson, 7 January 2021
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