Our team helps define strategy, identify threats and deploy the right technology to maximize security.

Our cyber security consultants have been working in the information security industry since its inception. The majority of our staff hold security clearances, allowing us to work in virtually any environment to secure and optimize our nation’s most critical and private information technology assets.

Security Consulting Services

Our experts work side-by-side with you to address your overarching security and operational needs and determine a course of action that enhances your growth strategy while maintaining compliance.

If a compliance issue has already been identified, you must evaluate the impact, determine the root cause and identify your next steps. S3 Security will work with you to fix the issues and assure future compliance.

S3 Security experts work as your partner in creating security and compliance rules that grow with you as an organization. Every business is different, so we help you create a custom solution that flows with your operations.

S3 Security’s suite of technology security services test and analyze compliance, penetration, vulnerability and much more with the very latest safeguards. We provide an overview of your security, and a plan to defend it.

S3 Security examines all layers of your existing network security architecture, including network diagrams, security requirements, technology and more to identify issues and protect your critical assets.

Increasing threats from cybercrime means your information security is highly critical to your business. S3 Security reviews all aspects of your security and procedures and provides direction and implementation to protect you.

If you’ve had a security breach or cyberattack, you need an organized approach to manage the incident. S3 Security works with you to limit damage and costs and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

S3 Security helps clients manage PCI compliance using a risk mitigation methodology that we have implemented in client’s environment for years. S3 Security assessors and engineers will create custom programs tailored to each client’s unique business environment and risk tolerance levels. We’ll help document your formal risk mitigation program to keep you compliant with PCI requirements. S3 Security will also assist clients with E2EE or P2PE solutions that inherently lower PCI risk.

For the safety of your business, make sure your employees are educated about computer and data security. S3 Security engineers customize security awareness programs based on your corporate culture, risk and business needs.

There are many factors that go into payment processing. S3 Security helps you evaluate and navigate secure payment solutions that are state-of-the-art. These secured payment solutions should lower the liability of data in the client’s environment and the risk of the data being compromised.

The key to accomplishing and maintaining PCI compliance is correctly identifying the scope of your environment. S3 Security experts will perform a comprehensive scoping and data flow review to identify the systems, processes and individuals that would be applicable for your assessment.

As part of the Cyber Security Leadership, S3 Security VCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) will give your organization access to an expert on the subjects of network, compliance and security; both in strategic direction and tactile implementation. Your company will reap the benefits of all the knowledge your virtual CISO has gained in their work within multiple environments across a diverse range of industries in cyber security.

Get Secure with S3 Security

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