Protect your business with security assessments and the latest technology for a custom security program.

A security assessment enables you to make smarter decisions about your current technology, potential new investments and the optimal approach to risk management based on your environment and business goals.

S3 provides a team of experts that possess the world-class skills and decades of experience that your information security program needs to be successful.


Better understand where your cardholder data exists and how it flows through your network with an S3 assessment. It’s important to address this compliance requirement for PCI, but it can also reduce risks and costs.

S3 engineers review firewall and router configurations, perform vulnerability scans and interview administrators to ensure your firewall security conforms to industry best practices. If not, we’ll provide solutions.

S3 identifies your current cybersecurity preparedness level using our security maturity assessment across several risk profile categories, such as technology, connection, delivery, external threats and many more.

During this assessment, our engineers perform both quantitative and qualitative reviews of your infrastructure to identify threats and vulnerabilities that could impact day-to-day business.

Routinely assessing your IT infrastructure provides you with valuable insight into how your systems performance impacts your business. Using industry best practices and a proven methodology S3 will methodically examine your IT infrastructure and your business processes to help ensure your network operates at peak performance, supporting your business while enabling innovation.

S3 provides this assessment to monitor sensitive data across your organization.  Utilizing data discovery scans to define security threats and reduce risk, we provide clear visibility and control across your enterprise.