Our engineers have performed penetration testing for clients in key industries to protect and maintain secure environments.

S3 Security will simulate a real-world attack on your networks, applications, devices, and employees to demonstrate the security level of your high-profile systems. Knowing your vulnerabilities, and the ways in which attackers could exploit them, is one of the greatest insights you can get to improve your security program.


Much like a hacker would, S3 Security penetration testing attempts to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities in your systems to see if they are subject to unauthorized access or malicious activity – both inside and outside of your organization.

Application penetration testing challenges the security measures that protect your application functionality and prevent compromises of sensitive information. Similarly, database penetration testing assures your database is properly configured and maintained to protect you and your clients against hackers.  S3 Security can help you to proactively identify your potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Segmentation checks are necessary to assure that the firewall rules are set up to correctly separate (or segment) areas of your network – for example, the PCI segment is separated properly from the Non-PCI segment or a guest wireless network is separated from the corporate wireless network.  S3 Security will evaluate your segmentation controls to ensure that your permissions are clearly defined and secure, keeping your most sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Wireless connectivity is yet another gateway for hackers to exploit your vulnerabilities. S3 Security partners with you to test wireless access points, encryption levels and more, providing guidance and best practices to protect your wireless environment.

Mobile devices are a necessity in the modern business world.  But their use opens the door for attacks both inside and out. Accessing sensitive data on a mobile device is another opportunity for data to be compromised.  WiFi, cameras, storage and internet connections allow mobile devices to also be used as powerful weapons. S3 Security helps to assure your safety by exploring these vulnerabilities both internally and externally to provide you with solutions to move forward in the mobile world, while minimizing risk.

As one of the most critical parts of your business, but often fall victim to a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality and are easily exploited. Ongoing testing and security fixes are a must for finding any potential business risks associated with web flaws.

Validating API implementation is a must. Testing is critical for analyzing use of resources, data handling and security holes and other vulnerabilities. S3 Security identifies these and provides solutions to keep your business going.

S3 Security will perform a ransomware simulation penetration test based on a real-world example. This simulation may be based on previous known attacks, or customized ransomware simulating software. Our ransomware simulation penetration tests are performed as a red team exercise and are designed to test your security defenses, security team’s response, and security policies.

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