As a leader in the industry, S3 Security has performed thousands of assessments within various compliance frameworks.

We partner with you to understand how the standards, control objectives and compliance requirements apply to your environment. Every client is different, therefore, we will work with you to understand how your business operates, and partner with you to make strategic recommendations for your company.

Compliance Assessment Services

S3 Security has helped hundreds of organizations with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Assessments. We evaluate all components of our clients’ environment and assets to assure PCI compliance. S3 Security turns PCI DSS jargon into clear language, with expert help to guide you through the Payment Card Industry Security Assessment.

During a HIPAA security assessment, S3 Security navigates your business through the certification process.  Our experts will evaluate your risk and any vulnerabilities – then we’ll recommend the best course of action to alleviate risk and keep your company (and your clients) safe.

S3 Security’s security team is your partner for FISMA compliance and annual independent evaluations. We perform all testing and evaluations to determine your security status and improve your security framework.  Our team provides expert recommendations to efficiently minimize security risks and achieve compliance.

Protecting the privacy of students and their families is not only the law, it’s critically important. S3 Security evaluates the real and potential risks in your environment and provides safe compliance solutions that enable you to get back to your business.

Experian bases their assessment on the current PCI DSS guidelines and requirements. As Qualified Security Assessors, S3 Security evaluates your processes, storage and transmission of Experian data, providing expert recommendations to keep you compliant.

Because ISO/IEC 27001 is flexible across a wide range of organizations, it takes keen experts to analyze and address security risks that are specific to your business. A comprehensive assessment will help you manage risk.

These relatively new requirements were designed to protect controlled unclassified information in both federal and non-federal entities. S3 Security helps you understand the differences, what’s applicable to your business and can provide strategies to help you meet the requirements.

As cyber security matures, card companies are trying to streamline standards among device characteristics. S3 Security can assess your device penetration, PIN-disclosing “bugs” and PIN-encryption technology to protect your data and your customers from attack.

The EU law went into effect on May 25, 2018 and had companies scrambling for quick compliance solutions. S3 Security will evaluate your compliance and recommend solutions that keep you from getting fined.

S3 Security streamlines compliance against multiple control frameworks. Our experts partner with you to understand how the various standards or compliance mandates apply to your environment. Then we map your controls into a single set of objectives, streamlining your compliance program by eliminating controls overlap, redundant testing, reducing evidence collections and maintenance – saving you time and money.

Security of cloud data is a shared responsibility between the service provider and client. Using the NIST Cybersecurity framework, S3 Security helps you align your security strategies with business goals that optimize data protection and compliance.

Safeguard your data and improve privacy for your organization with a NIST Privacy Risk Assessment. S3 Security utilizes the NIST Privacy Framework to help you understand how your organization’s systems, products, and services may impact the privacy of individuals using them. Then, we assist your team with identifying personal data that supports critical for business processes, and help you develop effective solutions to manage the risks associated with this data.

SWIFT Compliance is necessary for secure data transmission of banking, payment, and financial data. Independent assessments are complex, requiring time, expertise, and resources. S3 Security can help you evaluate your environment against these mandatory controls to maintain your compliance and membership within the SWIFT community.

Address risks associated with ACH transfers to ensure compliance with NACHA Operating Rules. This review ties directly to your overall risk management program. An S3 Security expert will partner with you to review access points, controls, policies, IT security and business continuity to ensure your data is protected.

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